CHADIA'S CRYSTAL CREATIONS is located in Bergen Country, NJ, founded and created by Chadia.   

Throughout many years of traveling abroad and walking through the streets of Cairo, Egypt and many Middle Eastern cities, Chadia became fascinated with the warm and friendly hospitality, the beautiful culture, and the exotic sounds of Oriental music. 

In embracing Middle Eastern culture for over 30 years, Chadia is very proud to present to you CHADIA'S CRYSTAL CREATIONS, using beautiful Swarovski and AB crystal designs on TEES, TANKS, TOPS AND MORE:  

-The Egyptian Ankh, the Pharaonic symbol known as the "key of life" 

-The Eye of Horus, an Ancient Egyptian symbol of power, good health and protection

-The Hamsa, protection against the evil eye, attracting good luck, health &   prosperity  

-The Evil Eye, protection against misfortune, warding off bad luck and evil

-The Goddess Bastet, representing femininity and protection

-Queen Nefertiti, representing beauty and power, and femininity

-The Winged Goddess Isis, representing power, creation & femininity, and much more!!. 

To contact us:

Chadia's Crystal Creations   

P.O Box 231

Wood-Ridge, NJ 07075